About Us

Bristol Surveyors was born out of a need to compare local surveyors through quality and geographical location rather than price. Most aggregator sites focus solely on price, but have no inference on quality. When you are investing so much money it is vital that you get a local surveyor, not one driving from Bolton, Brighton or Birmingham to Bristol to do the survey at a cut price fee.
The hourly rate can be so little you must question how long the property is being inspected for.

Local Building vernacular and in-depth knowledge of the area is so important when surveying and is not something these mass aggregator sites even consider.

Professional indemnity insurance cover understands this and most have a clause that 75% of your work must be undertaken within 25 miles of the office address. Our Building Surveyors all insure through Hammond professional Indemnity so are thoroughly checked.

So if you are looking for the cheapest surveyor then please use a mass aggregator site, these will be found in the adds section at the top of the google search. But remember cheapest is not always best value, if you want to pay slightly more for a quality local service then remember you get what you pay for then please scroll through our surveyor biographies and choose who you would like to contract on the form at the end.

We have vetted our surveyors for their professional indemnity insurance, they are all independently RICS regulated, they all use pole cameras to view roofs on Building Surveys, they use e-coating detectors on windows to determine the age of windows and provide an on-line face to face feedback via Skype or Zoom to go through their findings.